Postcards from Contemporary Beijing: the Phoenix International Media Center

By Stefania Danieli

Today we share a recent architectural project designed by the Beijing based Biad-ufo, a firm constituted by a wholly Chinese team of designers, directed by Shao Weiping, Liu Yuguang and Li Gan. The client is Phoenix Television, a broadcaster that serves the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong along with other markets with substantial Chinese viewers.

The building is a mixed used complex including media office, broadcasting studios and production offices and it is located in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park. The first aim of the project was to include all these spaces into one organic building; the second challenge was to make this an open space. In fact, the Media Center also provides spaces dedicated to the public and it’s totally open on every aspect, so that people can directly experience the culture of media and its charm.

The design concept sort of creates a building within buildings structure which generates many independent spaces together with many shared spaces, all connected by a series of steps, landscape platforms, ramps and escalators which cross the spaces and give a sense of dynamicity to the whole complex.

Dynamicity, integrity and harmony are the fundamental characteristics of this building inspired by the “Mobius Strip”: differences in elevation between the northern and the southern parts are useful to provide a good quantity of sunlight, ventilation and landscape view to the offices but at the same time avoiding glare and noises for broadcasting. The project also created an ecological status through an energy-saving and low-carbon concept design. Moreover, the rainwater is collected by dropping along the structure right into a tank located at the bottom of the building, to be filtered and recycled into the water features and reused for landscape irrigation.

Photo and rendering credits: Biad-ufo Architects

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23632d5Stefania was born and raised in Italy, where she took a BA in Languages and a MA in Business Communication at the University of Perugia. She fluently speaks both Mandarin and English, and by now has been living in China for over two years. Having been raised in a country rich of history and culture like Italy, she has always had a strong interest in art and architecture, which led her right through the Chinese landscape design industry. She is currently working as Marketing Director at Beijing’s based America Leedscape Planning and Design Co. Ltd.

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